Fall 2014 TV Premiere Time

It’s mid-September and that can mean only one thing: it’s almost time for fall television season! (Okay, fine, two things… if you are one of the people that goes bonkers for Pumpkin Spice Lattes). We’ve put together the list of new and returning shows that have us reaching for the remotes and setting our DVRS in advance.


Returning on October 8th to the CW. This show is a favorite for both of us. The storylines are gripping, the acting is phenomenal, and there hasn’t been a trio as solid as Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity since Harry, Ron, and Hermione. We can’t wait to see what the story holds for Roy and Thea, as well.


New on October 24th on NBC. DC Comics’ snarky antihero John Constantine, aka Hellblazer, graces the small screen this fall in his very own series. In the comics, Constantine is a chain-smoking, average magician and con man turned occult detective who lives in London. This show fits seamlessly into the current television landscape of crime shows and superheroes, but we’re eager to see what will make it stand out.

The Flash

New on October 7th on the CW. Ever since Barry Allen made his first appearance on Arrow, we’ve been excited that he’s one of DC’s heroes lucky enough to make a TV appearance. When he ran off into the sunset we (and Felicity) were sad to see him go, but now that he’s getting his own show, well… more for us! We’re excited to see how he does on his own, and if we get to have some crossovers with the Arrow it’s even better!


New on September 22nd on FOX. This is the fourth DC show to find a home in the fall lineup, but Gotham is taking a different approach to the superhero genre. The show will focus on Detective James Gordon and a young Bruce Wayne, while also exploring the origins of some of Batman’s most notorious foes. We can’t wait to see how this stories builds on and develops the relationships we’ve come to take for granted in the Batman universe.


New on October 2nd on FOX. A remake of the UK drama series Broadchurch, Gracepoint is a crime drama/mystery show that resolves around the murder of a young boy in a small town. By focusing on solving a single murder the show feels more like TNT’s Murder in the First rather the standard crime shows you can currently find on network television. All this and it stars David Tennant–we’re both really excited for this one.


Returning on October 24th to NBC. When the Grimm season finale aired in the spring the only good thing that happened was that Rosalee and Monroe were finally married. So much bad stuff happened (what happened to Nick’s abilities? Is Renard okay? Is Trubel here to stay?) that it almost seems impossible that anyone will be happy in the premiere, but Sarah’s willing to stick around and find out.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Returning on September 23rd to ABC. Season one of this show had some serious ups and downs, but finally seemed to pick up steam once the tie-in episode with Captain America: The Winter Soldier hit our screens. They really hit the ground running once they were allowed to say “Hydra” out loud, and we can’t wait to see what season 2 has in store for these characters.

Sleepy Hollow

Returning on September 22nd to FOX. Because its first season was only 13 episodes, it feels like years since this show’s first season left us wondering how the crap they’re going to get our two main characters out of the predicaments they are in, and we are at the edge of our seats to get going on season 2! This was a favorite of ours last year, and we’ll be waiting and ready to see where this story is going.

The Walking Dead

Returning on October 12th to AMC. The season finale last year left our main cast of characters literally boxed up in a train car, and fan speculation went wild. The running theory among fans is cannibals–and we’re going to find out, probably immediately, if we’re right or not. This show isn’t Sarah’s cup of tea, but Teija’s ready and waiting to see how our cast fares–and whether or not someone gets eaten (by zombies or people?) before they get out of this predicament.

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