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We want discussion at Avenging Force to be civil and productive. This blog is first and foremost a place to enjoy and critique media; therefore we ask that all comments remain on-topic with regard to the article to which they are being posted and that all posters refrain from attacking others.

Anonymous commenting is disabled on Avenging Force articles. To comment here, you must be willing to put your name to your words.

Any comments that contain hate speech or personal attacks will be deleted. Any user who uses the commenting system here to harass or attack either the article authors or other commenting users will be warned once and banned after a single repeated transgression. We ask that commenters not ‘feed the trolls,’ as it were–their comments will be dealt with as soon as possible.

Comments made to correct content, spelling, or grammar will be reviewed and deleted once the issue (if there is determined to be one) has been addressed.

Our policy here at Avenging Force is heavily influenced by Anil Dash’s article, “If your website’s full of assholes, it’s your own fault”. We will do what we can to keep our comments a civil and welcoming place for commentary and discussion. We expect our commenters to behave like the grown-ass adults we assume you are; if you behave like a child we’ll treat you accordingly. Between the three of us we’ve got enough childcare experience and education to run a fancy daycare (or an 1800s carpet mill, you decide).

One last note, as it’s popular these days to invoke the first amendment when disagreements flare up: the first amendment’s freedom of speech protects you from the US Government, not from criticism, disagreement, or consequences for the crap you say. The banhammer is not violating your freedom of speech (and honestly, if you haven’t learned this by now, we suggest a refresher).


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All content on this site is original to Avenging Force and each individual article is created by its listed published author. Content from Avenging Force may not be reproduced without permission.

Avenging Force does not take submissions at this time.


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