Pick Your Poison: Star Trek

Welcome to Pick Your Poison! Here we will discuss our favorite versions of characters or franchises that have had multiple iterations and timelines. As we all know in geek circles, you can never have just one of something (excepting Highlanders), and Hollywood just can’t help itself when adapting our favorites. One version ends and another one takes its place.

PyPThis time around, we’re going to discuss Star Trek and it’s many incarnations. From the Original Series to the most recent J.J. Abrams film adaptations, there’s a little something for everyone–so which one is your favorite?


I’ll be completely, 100% honest here. I’ve never been a Star Trek fan. Not that there’s anything wrong with Star Trek! It’s just, I sit very firmly on the Star Wars side of the fence and I tend to like my view of things from there. There just wasn’t quite enough room in my early fandom heart for both of them. HOWEVER, I did voluntarily go to see JJ Abrams new Trek when it released in theaters and I get it. I get why people love these characters and these stories. So, while I know they are problematic and JJ Abrams and I have our differences, his new Trek takes the prize for best Trek in my opinion simply because it’s been my gateway into a potential new fandom.


I was raised on Star Trek. My dad’s a giant fan of the original cast movies in particular, so “KHAAAAAAAAN” has been a part of my vocabulary since practically birth. My heart belongs to Deep Space Nine. It has hands-down the best writing and character development, and I think a lot of that owes to the structure of the show–rather than being out and about, traveling from place to place and surviving on the plot that comes up with each new encounter, Deep Space Nine takes place on a space station, so you get to see how the characters learn to live and grow together as they build a community. It’s a very different Trek, and I think the formula was immensely successful. I’ll always have a nostalgic place in my heart for The Next Generation (and especially bearded Riker, my first horn-playing love), but Deep Space Nine is my winner for best Trek, no question.

Our Fans

We polled our fans on social media and asked them which Trek they are partial to. Here are the results:

The Next Generation: 8
Deep Space Nine: 4
The Original Series: 3
JJ Abrams “new” Trek: 1
Voyager: 1

Which Trek is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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