Summer Olympics: Team Fandom

If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent the better part of the last two weeks glued to your TV as top athletes from around the world compete for gold, silver, and bronze in sports that we tend to forget exist most of the time, but care passionately about for two weeks every four years. No matter your views on the current state of politics or government or social justice, there’s something undeniably inspiring about watching your country’s top athletes giving all they have to their chosen event. We in the United States may not be united on a lot of fronts right now, but that hasn’t stopped anyone I know from being able to cheer on Katie Ledecky, Aly Raisman, Simone Manuel, Simone Biles, Michael Phelps, David Boudia, Nathan Adrian, and a whole slew of others as they shattered records and raked in medals for Team USA.

There’s no denying that the Olympics can bring people from all sorts of disparate walks of life together — so what about disparate fandoms? Today, inspired by the unifying powers of the Games, I’m imagining what a new sort of Olympic team would look like. One that is assembled from a community defined not be geographical boundaries, but by shared interests. What would the Games look like if the Opening Ceremonies included a team made up of all our favorite characters from books, movies, television, and comics? Well… maybe a little like this.



Katniss EverdeenThe Hunger Games

She gets the squirrel through the eye every time.


YgritteGame of Thrones

Is it within regulation to paint the targets with the faces of your enemies?


Susan PevensieThe Chronicles of Narnia

I wonder if Cair Paravel has a display case for Olympic medals.


Robin Hood

The Olympics could use a few more split arrows.


Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Marvel Comics

Everyone else will be battling for the silver.


Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, DC Comics

Is there an Olympic category for shooting tennis balls?


giphy (5)

Sarah WalkerChuck

I almost feel sorry for anyone who has to face the “giant blond she-male.” (18)

Kara “Starbuck” ThraceBattlestar Galactica

She’d probably fare even better in the ring if she wasn’t carrying around so much baggage about her opponent.



The kids from Stranger Things

Especially if 011 is helping out from the stands.



Finnick Odair, The Hunger Games

It’s not really a stretch to imagine that the golden boy of the fishing district would also know his way around a diving board.


Faith Lehane, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel

She dives so much on land, just imagine what she can do in water.



Atreyu, The Neverending Story

As long as he avoids the Swamp of Sadness, he should be fine.


Éomir, Lord of the Rings

Literally born for this event.



Inigo MontoyaThe Princess Bride

Olympic gold is just as worthy a quest as vengeance, right?


Will TurnerPirates of the Caribbean 

Maybe one of the few athletes on Team Fandom who actually practices.

giphy (14)


Can you even slice a Z into a fencing jacket?


The BrideKill Bill 

Turns out there aren’t a plethora of female fencers in fandom, but surely The Bride’s skills with her katana wouldn’t be too hard to nudge in a slightly different direction.


Michonne, The Walking Dead

Considering that Michonne is entirely self-taught with her katana, just imagine what she could do with some coaching and a saber.


Men’s Team:


Dick Grayson/Robin, DC Comics

Acrobat + superhero is probably about as close as fandom gets to gymnastics.


Legolas, Lord of the Rings

We never saw the Prince of Mirkwood do the splits, but I’m pretty sure he can. (17)

Simon BellamyMisfits 

Parkour is kind of like tumbling, right? (22)

Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Marvel Comics

Just imagine what he could accomplish with rings instead of webbing. (23)

Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler, Marvel Comics

Another superhero + acrobat, with superpowers.

Women’s Team:


Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Marvel Comics

The ballet training will probably come in handy too.


Mystique, Marvel Comics

For all we know, Mystique has already competed in the Olympics and we just haven’t found out yet.


Harley Quinn, DC Comics

Anyone who’s watched Batman: The Animated Series knows Harley could handle an Olympic gymnastics routine in her sleep. (16)

River TamFirefly

Just need to learn her trigger word for gymnastics.


Selena Kyle/Catwoman, DC Comics

Cats always stick the landing, right?

Rhythmic Gymnastics


Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, DC Comics

Uniquely qualified for both the rope and the ribbon.


giphy (9)

Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, DC Comics

Prior to becoming Batgirl, Barbara earned her black belt in judo.


Sydney BristowAlias

Honestly, there is no form of combat where Sydney Bristow feels unqualified.

giphy (10)

NeoThe Matrix

Now downloading judo subroutine.



GendryGame of Thrones

Is there a medal for “longest amount of time spent rowing,” because it’s been like three seasons.


giphy (22)

Elizabeth SwannPirates of the Caribbean

The best thing about Olympic medals is how they’re probably not cursed. (29)

Jack SparrowPirates of the Caribbean

Perhaps the worst Olympian you’ve ever heard of, but you have heard of him.



Roland DeschainThe Dark Tower

Being the last gunslinger means he automatically gets the gold, right? (19)

Frank Castle/Punisher, Marvel Comics

The best part of Frank Castle’s participation in the Olympics is every part.


Floyd Lawton/Deadshot, DC Comics

He. Never. Misses.



Percy JacksonPercy Jackson and the Olympians

Michael Phelps may be part dolphin, but he’s got nothing on the son of Poseidon.


Arthur Curry/Aquaman, DC Comics

He may not make great time, but one butterfly stroke from Aquaman would probably send every other competitor flying out of the pool in a massive wave.

Taekwondo (20)

Buffy SummersBuffy the Vampire Slayer

Not sure exactly which discipline vampire slaying falls under, but surely taekwondo isn’t that far off.

giphy (12)

WorfStar Trek: The Next Generation/Deep Space Nine

But are the Olympics more or less of a challenge than Level 2 in Klingon calisthenics?

Track and Field

All racing events:


Barry Allen/The Flash, DC Comics

Okay this is probably not fair.


Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver, Marvel Comics

Yeah… this is definitely not fair.

Long jump:

giphy (13)

Jareth the Goblin King, Labyrinth

The real question is would he change out those pants for a regulation uniform.

Literally every single event: (26) (25)

Steve Rogers/Captain America & Bucky Barnes/Winter Solider, Marvel Comics

We’re just going to assume that super soldier serum is not considered a performance enhancing drug.



Bruce Banner/Hulk, Marvel Comics

Now just imagine if he used both hands. (27)

Drax, Marvel Comics

…how much would you say that guy weighs?


giphy (11)

Bjorn IronsideVikings

Not much can intimidate a Viking, especially one who has taken out larger men and much larger bears. (28)

FezzikThe Princess Bride  

shrug He doesn’t even exercise.

Which characters would you like to see compete in the Summer Olympics? Can you put together a beach volleyball team, or find the perfect competitors for the triathlon? Let us know your picks in the comments!

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