See You On the Other Side of the Drift: Who’s Your Hamilton Jaeger Co-Pilot?

(Press play on the above track as you read this post. It’s what Ham would want.)

If you haven’t noticed, all three of us here at Avenging Force are pretty into Pacific Rim. Teija and Sarah both list it as one of their favorite movies of all time, and we’ve been known to spend hours discussing (and posting about) whether or not our favorite characters from books, movies, and TV shows are drift compatible.

What you may not know from reading our posts here (although it becomes pretty clear if you’ve followed any of us for any length of time on social media) is that we are equally passionate about the Broadway musical Hamilton.

For those of you who have been living under a rock and don’t know about Hamilton, it’s the critically acclaimed hip-hop musical based on the life of Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton currently taking the nation by storm (just yesterday, its creator won a Pulitzer, and the cast album has already won a Grammy).  It’s one of those things that’s hard to pitch (“It’s about American history but with rap music!”), but once you’ve listened to it, the typical reaction is, “Oh! I get it now.

(Pssst you can listen to the entire Original Broadway Cast Recording for free on Spotify. Go listen. I’ll wait.)

One of the triumphs of Hamilton, outside of its catchy songs, smart lyrics, and educational value, is in how it gets its audience fully invested in the lives of its characters, all of whom are based on real people. Not only does it get you to care about recognizable figures such as Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington, but it also draws deeply sympathetic portraits of lesser-known individuals such as Hamilton’s friends Marquis de Lafayette, John Laurens, and Hercules Mulligan; or his wife, Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, and her sister, Angelica.

So really, what’s more natural than a post combining Pacific Rim drift compatibility with beloved Hamilton characters? (Don’t answer that.) Except this time, instead of deciding which Hamilton characters would be drift compatible with each other (which, let’s be real, we’ve also discussed at length), I thought it might be fun to see which Hamilton character would be drift compatible with you.

That’s right, dear readers, BEHOLD, I’VE MADE YOU A QUIZ. Which Hamilton character would you find in the drift? What would your jaeger be named, and what would your battle strategy be? Would you throw away your shot, or would you be willing to wait for it? Take the quiz and find out!*

*Disclaimer: This quiz is based entirely on my interpretation of Hamilton characters’ personalities in the musical, and has nothing to do with the actual historical figures. It’s also my definition of what constitutes drift compatibility (explanation here), which may or may not be yours.

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