Five by Friday: Top Five Worlds to Live In

Welcome to Five by Friday! This week we’re talking about our favorite fantasy and science fiction worlds that we’d actually like to live in. Sure, there are tons of places out there that are exciting to read about, but when it comes down to it you wouldn’t want to set foot anywhere near there. I mean Mordor sounds cool and all, but really does anyone really want to live surrounded by a bunch of orcs? And Jurassic Park? Only if you have the survival instincts of Dr. Grant. So, here are the top five worlds where we’d happily settle down.

Five by Friday

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The Magical World of Harry Potter. While technically this world co-exists with our world, it’s so different that it counts as a different universe. I want to go to Hogwarts to learn, I want to stroll down the streets of Diagon Alley, I want to take a special trip to Hogsmeade and eat at The Three Broomsticks. BUT, I only want to live in this world if I get to be magical. Being that close to the magic, but not able to use it would be heartbreaking.

harry potter

Star Wars Galaxy. There are so many incredible worlds within the Star Wars Universe that it’s impossible to pick just one. So instead, I’d like to own my own ship (possibly the Jades Fire) and travel around to all the planets, taking in the sites. I could travel to Naboo to see the gorgeous sites, stop off on Corellia to visit Han’s homeworld, stay in a treehouse on Kashyyyk, visit the Jedi Temple on Yavin Four, and make friends with the Ewoks on Endor.

star wars

Marvel Cinematic Universe. If I could live in the MCU, I’d want to be someone who is peripheral to the Avengers without being an actual superhero. In that capacity, I could poke around in Tony’s lab, chat with Bruce over tea, convince Natasha to teach me how to kick ass, watch movies with Steve, learn archery from Clint, get hugs from Thor, and convince Sam to be my boyfriend.


Hobbiton. Life in Hobbiton just sounds so peaceful and happy. You get to live in an adorable and cozy hobbit hole, you spend our days enjoying the gorgeous scenery  Plus there’s breakfast, and second breakfast, and elevensies, and lunch, and afternoon tea, and well, you get the idea.


Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I would love to travel around the galaxy on the Heart of Gold with Arthur, Ford, Trillian, and Marvin. There’s so much to see and with such a handy travel guide to follow I’d be guaranteed to have a great time.



Gondor. Yeah, yeah, we said that thing about living near orcs up top, but the idea of living in the beauty of Minas Tirith trumps the danger of being that close to Mordor for me. Imagine the views from the top! And you know the library’s good if Gandalf rode across Middle Earth in such a hurry to get there. I mean, I would probably want to live there after the crowning of King Elessar Telcontar and not before.


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I think, deep down, anyone who has read the Harry Potter series wishes that they’d gotten their very own letter to Hogwarts. Their world is rich and vivid, full of more than just magical spells that enchant the reader, but rife with details that make you yearn to transport into Hogsmeade so that you can see, smell, and taste the foods and drinks that JK Rowling so painstakingly created. The closest I’ve gotten is eating in the Three Broomsticks in Universal’s Harry Potter World, and let me tell you, all it does is make you wish it was real.


The Mass Effect Universe. While the thought of being wiped out by Reapers is absolutely not appealing, the world that BioWare created for Mass Effect is enchanting. I want to get in a ship and travel through the relays to meet Turians and Asari. I want to walk along the Citadel’s Presidium and see if I can spot a fish in the reservoir. I want to go dancing in Purgatory. And part of me even wants to see if I’d be a candidate for Biotics or tech training. I’d definitely join the Alliance, one way or another.


The Star Wars Universe. This universe is so vast, it’s hard to decide where I’d even plant myself! Would I want to be a moisture farmer on Tatooine (okay, probably not)? Would I want to live in the heart of the Galaxy, the bustling Coruscant? Would I want to live in a more natural world, like Kashyyyk with its towering wroshyr trees or Endor, amongst the Ewoks? Would I live there during the Old Republic? During the Clone Wars or the Rebellion? Afterward, in territory now considered “Legends”? There are so many options, and the universe is so rich. The opportunities are endless. All I’d need is a ship.


The Farscape Universe. Look up, and share the wonders I’ve seen! I’d love to travel through a wormhole like Crichton and have my whole world flipped on its head the way he did. Sure, it was difficult at times, and yeah, he saw some really weird stuff–but in the end he came out a better person, having learned from the people he met along the way. And you know it’d be a hell of a lot of fun to spend some time on Moya.


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