Dragon Con Primer

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Dragon Con is just around the corner, and we know the excitement (and last-minute costuming panic) is setting in. We’ve got quite a few helpful articles in our archive relating to Con, so we’ve pulled them all together for you here. Welcome to the Avenging Force Dragon Con Primer!

Things to Know for Dragon Con

If you only read one of our posts, read this one. It’s our collection of tips, tricks, and suggestions for people who may be new to Dragon Con. Not only do we cover our own ways of keeping sane and avoiding crud, but we also cover some basic Con etiquette that in our opinion should be codified into Con Law.

Places to Eat at Dragon Con

Sarah’s run-down of places around Con to get great food, inside and outside of the Convention itself. From the food court to nearby Broad Street, she’s got you covered.

Ways to Kill Time in Dragon Con Lines

After ten years of killing time in panel lines, Teija has more than a few ideas on how to stay entertained while in a queue.

Top Five Favorite Celebrity Meetings

Get an idea of the types of encounters you may have in the Walk of Fame! In this Dragon Con edition of our Five by Friday, we reminisced about our favorite interactions with famous people.

Top Five Overdone Cosplays

Planning a costume or just wondering what you’ll be seeing this year? Here’s a list of stuff we’ve seen way too much of in the last ten years.

Top Five Best (and Top Five Worst) Things About Dragon Con 2014

Last year’s wrap-up post, in which we cover our favorite panels and events… and also take a look back at the things Dragon Con needs to improve on.

Every event as large as Dragon Con is going to have its ups and downs, but at the end of the day, coming to Dragon Con is like coming home from a long vacation. This year, Sarah will be the only Avenging Force representative at Con, as Teija will be on the other side of the country whale watching. But it would take a lot for a Dragon Con to go by without at least one of us representing!

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