Five by Friday: Favorite Holiday Movies

Welcome to Five by Friday, our end-of-week fandom list meme! Every week we pick a new topic to cover, and this week we’ve picked our favorite holiday movies!  See our picks below–and share yours in the comments!
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Five by Friday

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Sarah’s Picks

I really, really, really love Christmas movies. I will watch the great ones, I will watch the terrible ones. By the time mid-November rolls around you can pretty much assume that my tv is set to ABC family or the Hallmark channel fairly exclusively. As long as they feature some sort of Christmas theme, odds are I’ll give it a try. And usually, the cheesier or more ridiculous they are, the more likely I am to kinda love them.

Since I love Christmas movies so much, it was difficult to narrow down to my top five. I decided to go with movies where Christmas is the main focus and isn’t just the backdrop (which is why Die Hard didn’t make the cut even though I watch it every Christmas). Without further adieu, here are my top five picks:

A Year Without a Santa Claus



The Santa Clause






Santa Claus: The Movie



Home Alone

home alone


Teija’s Picks

For me, the thing that marks a favorite Christmas movie is just how many times I am able to watch it without getting absolutely sick of it. A lot of movies make this cut–there were quite a few that almost made it to this list, but were just edged out. Films like A Year Without a Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman, White Christmas… the list goes on. I couldn’t fit them all here! There are also terrible-but-fun Christmas movies like Bad Santa and Love, Actually, both of which I enjoy every time I see them despite the rather large part of my brain that sits there and screams “WHY” at me as I’m watching.

However, the films listed below are, at the end of the day, my favorite Christmas films. They combine the joy of the season with great acting, unceasing quotability, nostalgia, and in the case of Die Hard, explosions and gunfire, and I don’t go a single holiday season without watching each and every one of them.



Home Alone


The Santa Clause


The Muppets Christmas Carol


Die Hard


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