Five by Friday: Five Favorite Buffy Episodes

Welcome to Five by Friday, our end-of-week fandom list meme! Every week we pick a new topic to cover, and this week we’ve picked our favorite Buffy episodes. Now, we want to be clear–this is not “the five best Buffy episodes,” because we both think those are pretty set in stone at this point (just look at every “top Buffy episodes” list in existence and you’ll see the top 10 or so are roughly the same every time). So we decided to go with our personal favorites, episodes that we just straight up enjoy, whether they’re actually objectively good episodes or not (don’t worry, neither of us is nutty enough to pick Beer, Bad). See our picks below–and share yours in the comments!
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Five by Friday

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Sarah’s Top Five

I should state up front that I love all of Buffy, even the epically horrible episodes hold a special place in my heart (I often find myself quoting Beer Bad when drinking, soooo yeah). However, these five episodes are ones that I can watch over and over and over again. Even if a few of them make me ugly cry.

The Prom


Something Blue

something blue

Becoming (Parts 1 & 2)


Once More With Feeling


The Wish



Teija’s Top Five

I’m one of those people that apparently loves to cry over television, so my favorites are often also incredibly sad. In the spirit of not posting the same gifs Sarah did, however, I’ve elected not to list The Prom here, though it’s the standard bearer for making me cry over this show. This was a harder decision than I’m willing to admit, but “You made a bear!” had to be here no matter what.

The Wish






Once More, With Feeling

bunnies gif



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