Game of Thrones Season Seven Predictions

With the season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones right around the corner, we are all excited to see where the show is going. And because we’re Those People, we have definitely got ideas of our own. Join us for speculations!

Please note that none of us have been keeping up with any possible spoiler leaks online, and while two of us have read the books, the show is well beyond what GRRM has written at this point. There are some light book spoilers down below, but at this point, they’re mostly things we’ve all assumed by now anyway.

If any of the below turn out to be true, it is pure happenstance. We made these predictions before the trailer dropped and without reading any spoilers, articles, or theories online. We just wanted to get our predictions down so that if we do happen to get something right, we can gloat about it later.

General Speculation

From what we’ve heard, the episodes of season 7 will be slightly longer than those of previous seasons, as well as packed with action. While we’re not sure when some of the things we’re waiting for will happen, and could possibly hold off until season 8, these will be things we think we are most likely to see this year. All of us subscribe to the idea that while the White Walkers will almost certainly make an appearance in season 7, overall, this season will be the battle for the Westeros and the Iron Throne. Season 8 will bring us the main battle with the White Walkers, where the remaining Great Houses of Westeros are forced to band together.

Cersei Lannister

All three of us agree that now that Cersei has maneuvered her way onto the Iron Throne, her days are numbered. The Mad Queen cannot possibly reign for long, although we disagree slightly on just how short her rule will be. Teija and Sarah believe that she will meet her maker in the first three episodes of the season, while Lauren is predicting the end of this season (perhaps as a gamechanging penultimate episode death, similar to Ned Stark), or even very early in season 8.

Sarah and Teija are speculating that Cersei’s death will launch a plot line of how to get the rest of Westeros to cooperate with King’s Landing. They feel it makes sense to get rid of the human antagonists soon if there is going to be time for the rest of the Seven Kingdoms to be able to unite against the White Walkers, and that Cersei’s main arc probably culminated at the end of season 6. Now all that’s left to do is watch her unravel and die.

Meanwhile, Lauren feels that from a storytelling perspective, it makes sense to keep their most compelling human antagonist alive as long as possible, especially now that Ramsay is dead. Otherwise, the only big human force working against our heroes is Euron Greyjoy, and no one cares about Euron Greyjoy (we are all in agreement on this). And while the White Walkers are indeed a serious threat, Lauren is firm in her belief that the show will want to milk the dramatic potential of Cersei as the Mad Queen for as long as possible before she finally is taken out of the game.

As to how Cersei will ultimately meet her end, all of us put our money on Jaime. He killed the Mad King for even threatening to ignite the Wildfire underneath King’s Landing, which is what Cersei actually did. What’s more, the prophecy about Cersei’s death in the books says she will be strangled by the valonqar, which is Valyrian for “little brother.” While it makes sense that Cersei has always hated Tyrion, assuming that he was the one the prophecy referred to, it is more poetic for it to turn out to be Jaime, the younger twin. We also think that this part of the prophecy has been deliberately held back from the show (the rest of it was included in Cersei’s flashback in season 5), and that we will finally see the valonqar bit right before her death. Between Jaime’s face when he saw Cersei on the Iron Throne to what is sure to be his profound grief and anger when he learns how and why Tommen died, it makes perfect sense to us that this will be the thing that finally pushes a permanent wedge between the siblings/lovers.

There are a couple other possibilities we discussed as potential Queenslayers — Tyrion, obviously, or maybe Arya (possibly wearing the face of a boy who is a “younger brother” — we threw out the possibility of Tommen, just to be mean, but don’t really think the show would actually do that — to make the valonqar prophecy still marginally fulfill), or even Olenna since the “little brother” bit has never worked its way into the show and perhaps it won’t… but at the end of the day, Jaime just seems like the most logical, dramatic, and emotional choice.


None of us want Davos to die, but every season so far has included the gutting death of a kind, sympathetic character, and we think Davos is probably the most likely candidate for season 7. To be clear, we hate this possibility and would like him to live forever, but they need to kill someone that will cause their audience maximum pain, and Davos is one of the purest characters we have left.

One possibility that we really like is a scenario where Davos finally figures out a way to kill Melisandre, but it involves him sacrificing himself as well, either because he has to do something that he knows he can’t possibly survive, or because she somehow takes him down with her. But really, now that Davos has lost his son, his king, and Shireen, he has lost all the things that were tying him to his life. We can see him being at peace with a noble death, especially if it is one that removes what he considers a great evil from the world.


We feel strongly that we have run out of Expendable Starks, and while we don’t want to jinx ourselves, we think there’s a good chance that all four of the remaining siblings will make it all the way to the end. As for what they’ll be doing this season, we are desperately hoping that Sansa will be the one to take out Littlefinger. After all, he’s the one responsible for giving her to Ramsay, and we all know what she did to him.

We also think there’s a strong possibility that we’ll see Jon throw his support behind Dany, on the condition that when she gets the Iron Throne, she leaves him Winterfell. After all, the Starks never wanted to rule the Seven Kingdoms, just the North, and we think that a Stark-Targaryen alliance will make sense to all parties involved. Plus, Tyrion is advising Dany as Hand of the Queen, and he knows the Starks to be a good House to have on your side. What will be interesting to see is his reunion with his wife, Sansa. Will they choose to stay married? (Yes, we know she was “married” to Ramsay, but they could easily blame that on kidnapping if they wanted. The only people who know the truth of it, besides Littlefinger, are Theon and Brienne, neither of whom would contradict Sansa’s version of events.) We hope so, but are not convinced we’ll get a definitive answer this season.

Additionally, while we really, really want all four Starks to reunite this season, we wouldn’t be surprised if the show draws that payoff out as long as possible, giving us one more Stark reunion this season and holding the last for season 8. We were pretty sure we saw Arya in Winterfell in one of the promo shots, so she might be the first one to make it back to Jon and Sansa, while Bran will take his sweet time.

Olenna Tyrell

Olenna Tyrell is going to get taken out eventually, but we have absolutely no idea how. Now that she’s lost her heirs, it seems only a matter of time until House Tyrell is wiped out completely, but she is wily enough that we’re not sure how anyone is going to get the best of her. It would probably have to be something totally unfair and unexpected, similar to how Margaery was killed by Cersei. (Sidebar: we all miss Margaery so much, despite the fact that we haven’t even had a single episode yet following her death.)

So who even has a possibility of getting to Olenna? Maybe Arya, using her Faceless Men training to get close enough to kill her, but we can’t come up with any reason for this. Olenna has absolutely no reason to even be on Arya’s radar, much less her List. Cersei certainly has motivation and the requisite psychopathic tendencies, but the thought of Cersei getting to both Tyrell women (and really, all of House Tyrell in general) is just too much for us to bear.

We know that Olenna is allying with Dorne, ostensibly to get Cersei off the throne after she killed her family, so maybe something will go south there? Perhaps she will finally be the one to make the Sand Snakes earn their keep (because really, someone should). But really, while we don’t think Olenna is likely to make it through the season, we have no truly strong candidates for being the instrument of her undoing.


Is it too much to ask that the Iron Islands just sink into the sea? Probably, but that doesn’t keep us from hoping. We were all so irritated with Euron and his determination to build a thousand ships out of the zero trees he has at his disposal that we’re pretty much over House Greyjoy in general.

That said, we do think some interesting things may be on the horizon for Theon and Yara. We last saw them pledging support to Dany after fleeing from Euron, and if our predictions about an eventual Stark-Targaryen alliance are true, we wouldn’t be surprised if Theon plays a significant role in this.

Sarah and Lauren have both recently rewatched the earlier seasons, and feel he’s one of the few characters having a very symmetrical arc. Theon started with the Starks, then went from the Greyjoys to the Boltons, and now he’s back with the Greyjoys and will probably end with the Starks. We are almost positive the show is building toward giving him the same choice between Greyjoys and Starks that he got in season 1, but will have him choose differently this time. It’s been very heavy-handed in saying that he chose wrong the first time, and that if he had to do it again, he’d have given up being a Greyjoy in order to remain loyal to Robb. So most likely, putting him on a ship with Yara is designed to set up that he could finally be a Greyjoy again, in order to make it more meaningful when he sides with Jon. Possibly even against his sister, although we hope not.

One possible scenario we discussed is that Yara will die (likely in a battle against Euron), Theon will inherit command of her fleet, and he will pledge it to Jon. We could easily see that happening, and it would finally fulfill the promise he made to Robb to deliver the Greyjoy troops back in season 1. Granted, Daenerys has Yara’s men and ships right now, but once she allies with the Starks, it would make sense for her to give the Ironborn soldiers to Jon to help him take back the North.

We also are pretty convinced that Theon will eventually die for a Stark, probably Jon (as a stand-in for Robb), but we’re not sure if that will happen this season or not. The extinction of House Greyjoy is almost inevitable, but whether it’s a quick death or a slow one, we’re not certain. However, we fully expect Theon’s voice to be instrumental in Dany’s decision to give the Starks the North, and for this to be how he completes his redemption arc.


Gendry, who hasn’t been seen since the end of Season 3, is confirmed to have finally completed his rowing and will once again grace Westeros with his presence. In case you need a refresher, Gendry is Robert Baratheon’s only surviving bastard son and the only one left that could keep House Baratheon from going extinct. The only real question is, is he coming back to do something heroic and awesome, or is he just coming back to die? We hope it’s the former, though it’s highly unlikely that he’ll make a play for the throne as he has no army and no support (not to mention most people don’t know he’s Robert’s son).

Our current, humorous, speculation is that Gendry was told to keep the shorelines on his left and at this point he’s rowed around Westeros at least five times. However, Daenerys’ fleet came across him rowing aimlessly and allowed him to hitch a ride back to land with their fleet. Once back in Westeros he can become buddies with Jon, and mirror Robert’s and Ned’s friendship with hopefully fewer tragic consequences.


If there’s one thing we want from season 7, it’s more dragons. Specifically, we want Ice Dragons. Right now Daenerys is the only one in Westeros with dragons, which would make a war against the White Walkers fairly one-sided. It could theoretically only take a few blasts of dragonfire to wipe out most of their army, which would make for a pretty anti-climatic battle. Lauren’s thought is that with all the dragons on the side of the humans, it would pretty much reduce season 8 to simply waiting for dragons to arrive at the battle, and suddenly they are Tolkien’s Eagles.

However, Dragons are incredibly rare in this world, so it would be rather surprising if the White Walkers have had one all along and just not used it. While it’s entirely possible there’s one trapped in the ice somewhere just waiting to be freed, we think it’s much more likely that one of Dany’s dragons will fall in battle at the very end of season 7 and be turned into a Wight Dragon. Which, presumably, will then be ridden into battle by The Night King in all his terrifying glory.

Just, please, don’t let it be Drogon.


The end of season 6 found Sam in his happy place, a massive library filled with more books than he could ever hope to read in his lifetime. Our hope is that somewhere within that enormous collection he will find a book that contains an important piece of information that will prove useful in defeating the White Walkers. He can then return to Jon with his newfound knowledge and his newly acquired Valyrian steel, to become Jon’s Maester and help defend Westeros.

We’re not exactly sure what will happen with Gilly, but we presume that she and little Sam will be along for the ride.

More Character Deaths

To date, we have seen ninety named characters killed off over the course of the show. And with the stakes and the action ramping up in seasons 7 and 8, there’s a safe bet we’ll see a good deal more kick the bucket before the dust settles in Westeros. Here are the deaths we think we’ll see in season 7:

Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish – We predict he’ll be gone by the mid-season mark, and maybe even earlier. Lauren speculates that he’s the antagonist we see go in the first half, leaving Cersei to be the latter half’s major death. It’s our hope that Sansa will be the one to take him down and he won’t even see it coming.

Gregor Clegane aka The Mountain – Odds are good that The Mountain will die (again) in season 7. And while we’re still holding out a little bit of hope at seeing CleaganeBowl play out on screen, he’ll most likely go out defending Cersei. In which case, there’s a good chance it’ll be Jaime taking him down.

Jorah Mormont – Honestly, his days have been numbered since he contracted greyscale from the men in Old Valyria despite Dany’s hope that he’ll find a cure. We predict he’ll come back only to die defending Daenerys in battle.

Sandor Clegane aka The Hound – Despite being left for dead by Arya at the end of season 4, the Hound survived and was nursed back to health by Septon Ray. He’s currently thrown in with the Brotherhood and is making his way north to fight the White Walkers. We think it’s unlikely that he’ll make it out of that alive.

Melisandre – Her days are numbered simply because it feels like she’s hit the end of her usefulness. Not to mention she’s ended up on Davos’ bad side and it’s likely that he will kill her without hesitation if he ever sees her again. The only question is, when will that be?

Euron Greyjoy – Yara is on a revenge mission and she’s out for blood. She wants to see Euron dead for what he did to her father and they need his ships to get Daenerys and her army to Westeros.

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