Dragon Con Parade 2011

Welcome to Avenging Force!

Welcome, welcome, to another year at Hogwarts!

All right, so this is our very first year here at Avenging Force, no one is returning from a summer under their muggle Aunt’s staircase. But for us, this is an exciting day much like the first day back in the wizarding world after a long summer of not being able to use your wand. We have been wanting to put this site together for a very long time, and after months of planning we have finally arrived to where we are today: launch day!

So, who are we? What are we doing? Why “Avenging Force”? We’re Sarah and Teija, and you can read more about us on our About Us page. What we’re doing is nerd blogging. More specifically, we’re lady nerd blogging on a wide range of topics. As two women who are also nerds, we find ourselves underrepresented online in nerd circles, and to make matters worse, the few havens we do find online tend to get bought up and changed to no longer feel much like a haven. This is our answer to that problem–rather than seeking out a new place for ourselves, we thought it was high time we built our own.

We hope that this blog will be representative of ourselves and our interests, and a place for people to come and join us in our enthusiasm for our interests, old and new. We want this blog to be inclusive and a place that encourages discussion and enjoyment; we would love our readers to feel comfortable commenting here and sharing regardless of the intensity of their nerdiness. We want people who’ve never picked up a comic book in their life to be completely comfortable commenting alongside people who’ve been reading comics all their lives. First and foremost, this blog is an expression of love and enthusiasm for the things we write about (Even our rants come from a place of caring! We shout because we love!). We hope that comes across in everything we write; and we hope that carries over into our readership as well.

We’ve created a weekly audience participation game as well, called Five by Friday. We’ll give you a prompt for a nerdy theme of the week and it will be your job to list your top five — of course, we’ll list our own to get the game started. We’re also going to have a few regular features, including character studies, fancast wishlists, and something we’re calling, “You’re doing it wrong!” We may even shell out some friendly, nerdy advice now and then.

As for “Avenging Force,” well, that’s what we’ve named our Jaeger (Teija pilots the left side; Sarah the right).

To start off our blog in a way that represents who we are and what we’re really into (and leading into the event itself), we’ll be doing a lot of Dragon Con related posting in the weeks leading up to the Con, as well as wrap-up posts and highlights in the week following. We hope you’ll join us in our excitement, anticipation, and mild panic that things aren’t quite ready to go! We know we aren’t the only procrastinators around these parts.


Ah, just one more thing. Please do remember that the Forbidden Forest remains, as always, strictly forbidden. We really don’t want to have to hand out any detentions in our first week.

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