Five by Friday: Top 5 Men With Beards

Welcome to Five by Friday! This week I’m taking the reins and talking about my top five favorite characters with beards, because men with beards are a delight and a blessing and we are all lucky to live in a world where men can grow hair on their faces.

Five by Friday

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5. Thorin Oakenshield


4. Thor


3. Warden Blackwall


2. Aragorn, Son of Arathorn


1. Commander William T. Riker


2 thoughts on “Five by Friday: Top 5 Men With Beards

  1. Because he’s my current love, I’ve got Blackwall at #1. For the rest- 2. Aragon, 3. Ragnar, 4. King Leonidas, 5. Thor

    • Blackwall’s #1 CURRENTLY for me… but for ALL TIME, I don’t think anything’s ever going to topple Riker from his #1 spot. He’s the reason I like beards so much in the first place! And man, Aragorn. That’s a long-term beard relationship right there.


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