Sarah Watches Trek

I’m a hardcore Star Wars fan. I know that’s a strange way to start out a post about Star Trek, but anyone who has read any of my previous articles is well aware of which side I stand on in the War of the Stars. With all of my energies focused on Star Wars I didn’t really pay too much attention to Star Trek, despite growing up alongside Star Trek: The Next Generation as it aired on tv. I didn’t hate on it, I had plenty of friends who watched and enjoyed it, it just didn’t really ping my radar.

Oh sure, I saw the first of the JJ Abrams reboot series in theaters because my friends dragged me. However, I was quickly abandoned when I spent most of the movie pointing out all of the small nods to Star Wars. And I once watched a single episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, though that was only because my mom has a deep-seated love for Scott Bakula and talked me into watching the pilot with her.

However, in January I made a resolution (and a promise to Teija and Lauren), that this would be the year I finally watched Star Trek: The Next Generation. I promised that I would give it at least two full seasons before I gave up due to its slow start and obvious 80s aesthetic.

And while I never paid too much attention to TNG, I’ve spent too much time around my delightfully nerdy friends to to have absorbed some of their knowledge. So, here’s what I know starting out:

  • I already love Geordie simply because he is played by LeVar Burton and I only have happy childhood memories of Reading Rainbow. (Please don’t let me down, Geordie.)
  • Beardy Riker > Non-beardy Riker. I’m told that I’ll be able to tell when the show hits its stride because Riker will finally have his beard.
  • Troi and Riker were a thing and they apparently have sexy!Trek backstory.
  • I adore Patrick Stewart and therefore I am fully confident that I will love Captain Picard.
  • I can’t look at Data without seeing the scientist from Independence Day.
  • This catchy tune. (You’re so welcome for that).
  • I have seen so many of these actors in both Leverage and Warehouse 13.

I’ll be honest, I’m half excited and half apprehensive about this plan. Excited because I love getting into a new show, but apprehensive because, well, the show is almost 30 years old and I’m expecting very dated episodes. But, I’ll power through! And every Tuesday I’ll be posting a new “Sarah Watches Trek” article where I’ll give a mini recap/review of the episodes I watched that week.

Are you ready to join me?

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